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A new generation of power wheelchairs & scooters

Eloflex is a completely new type of electric-powered wheelchairs and scooters that combines innovative construction with state-of-the-art technology for optimal performance in long-range operation. Compact, foldable and ultra-lightweight, it offers a host of unique features for freedom, comfort and convenience.


The smart design lets you fold up your Eloflex electric wheelchair or scooter in just seconds. It’s a breeze to lift into your car, stow in a closet or check in when flying. No wonder Eloflex has such a positive impact on people’s everyday lives.


Eloflex provides flexible and powerful wheelchairs and scooters. It can fit anywhere, and the tight turning radius and high precision make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s easy to navigate into narrow spaces and through doorways.

On the go

This is the ideal power vehicle for a more active lifestyle. Bring it in the car or when traveling by bus, boat or plane. And with ample power on tap, Eloflex is ready for whatever you want to do. Eloflex gives you freedom, independence and mobility.

The market’s smartest power wheelchair

Lightweight, foldable, compact and smooth riding. Watch the video to the right and learn what makes Eloflex the perfect traveling companion.

It’s time to experience a whole new level of freedom. With its folding design and ample power, Eloflex is ideal for those who have difficulty walking, are tired of using manual wheelchairs or are simply are getting older. With Eloflex, you can reclaim your freedom!

And because Eloflex is easy to fold and weighs five times less than a traditional power wheelchair, you can easily pack it up and take it in your car. At last, you’ll never have to be dependent on Paratransit and Disability Transportation.


Just as our power wheelchairs our scooters are lightweight, foldable, compact and smooth riding. Watch the video and see what a day with our power scooter can look like.

Eloflex Scooters are developed to work in the harsh Nordic climate and a tougher terrain. It will therefore be your companion all year round in all environments.
It’s time to experience the beneficial of a versatile scooter that you can use both indoors and outdoors. Our scooter gives you a whole new experience and the access to an active lifestyle again.

And because Eloflex is easy to fold and weighs four times less than a traditional power scooter, you can easily pack it up and take it with you when you are travelling. At last, you’ll never have to be dependent on Paratransit and Disability Transportation.

“A comprehensive, flexible and practical electric wheelchair for everyone”

A lightweight electric vehicle for all occasions

Every Eloflex wheelchair or scooter is a small wonder – a special combination of advanced engineering, new technology and smart materials designed to give you optimal mobility and freedom. All models are built on a lightweight and robust aluminum frames. They are engineered for high precision, ensuring superior stability and ride comfort. The clever folding design makes Eloflex extra user-friendly and flexible, while the compact build makes it as easy to transport as a manual wheelchair.


Eloflex weighs only 26 kg (57 lb) including the battery – around one-fifth the weight of a conventional power wheelchair. As well as making it easier to transport, the low weight also extends the operating range and makes the wheelchair more responsive.


Eloflex is designed, engineered and manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. Its highly efficient lithium ion batteries are far superior to the old lead batteries, both in terms of performance and lower weight. The powerful brushless and gearless direct drive motors are mounted directly on each wheel, making them both quieter and more efficient than the bulky motors used in traditional wheelchairs. The new technology allows Eloflex to roll more than 30 km on a single charge.

What makes Eloflex unique

Modern and amazingly practical, Eloflex is like no other electric wheelchair on the market.
The design is lightweight, flexible and foldable – just like a power wheelchair should be.

Low weight

Eloflex is just one-fifth the weight of a traditional electric-powered vehicles.


In just seconds, you can fold up your Eloflex and be ready to go.

Modern technology

The frame, battery and motor are based on state-of-the-art technology.

Modern material

Equipped with a lightweight aluminum frame, Eloflex combines durability with a superior level of performance.

Compact size

Eloflex is the only power wheelchair that is as sleek and compact as a manual wheelchair.

Long range

Lightweight modern batteries and a powerful motor provide a range of 30 km.

A new level of mobility

Eloflex is a new generation of powered wheelchairs with a host of unique features. The exceptionally low weight makes it easy to carry, fold and load. In one smooth action, it folds down a compact size that’s ideal for storing at home or in a car. Equipped with long-life batteries and two powerful state-of-the-art motors, you can also drive it for more than 30 km (19 mi) on a single charge.

Lightweight, electric and collapsible, Eloflex overcomes many of the obstacles associated with standard power wheelchairs and opens up a range of new possibilities. Due its smart and compact design, Eloflex is also a more convenient alternative to bulkier electric or even some manual wheelchairs. You can easily navigate around in shops and crowded places. No need to worry about taking up too much space in restaurants or cafes or even entering a standard toilet.

Our models – all unique and foldable

The wide range of sizes and models means there’s an Eloflex for everyone. The whole idea is to give you more freedom and reduce your dependency on others.

Same but different

Eloflex power wheelchairs are available in different sizes and designs. Several of our models feature larger, air-filled rear wheels and more powerful motors. These are perfect if you intend to use your Eloflex mainly outdoors and on uneven or snowy surfaces.

All models feature a robust, lightweight aluminum frame that can be folded in one simple motion. They also come with dual high-tech batteries and powerful brushless motors for long-range use.

Eloflex F

Eloflex F, a development of our most popular L model, is ideal for active users who like to be outdoors, drive on uneven surfaces (gravel, grass, cobblestones, etc.) or want to get around in the winter.

3 490 €

Eloflex X

The newest addition to the family, Eloflex X is designed specifically for seniors. It features a cross-brace folding frame design, joystick, folding footplates and adjustable backrest and armrest.

3 190 €

Eloflex P

Eloflex P is equipped with a power tilt function that gently raises and shifts the seat forward, making it easier to enter and exit the chair. Ideal for people with weaker legs who have difficulty standing up.

3 890 €

Eloflex L

Our original model, Eloflex L has a 52 cm (20.5 inch) seat height that fits most people. Integrated tilt protection, dual batteries, small turning radius and compact design make it equally flexible indoors and out.

3 190 €

Eloflex H

Eloflex H is our most powerful model, specially designed for our heavier (up to 200 kg / 440 lb) and taller users. It’s a spacious chair with outstanding driving characteristics.

4 990 €

Eloflex D2

Eloflex D2 is even easier to load into the car. It can be divided into two parts, giving a load weight of 14 and 16 kg. At the same time, it is spacious enough and secure for users up to 160 kg.

3 890 €

Eloflex Accessoires

Eloflex is one of the smartest wheelchairs on the global market today. It includes a wide range of unique features and accessories that make it easy, compact and foldable. Do you have specific needs? Just customize and adapt the chair to fit your own individual requirements.

Side bag

With the Eloflex side bag, you can store your wallet, telephone or other valuables that need to be easily accessible. The bag is attached by means of hooks that are screwed under the armrest on the electric wheelchair. You simply hook on and off the bag from the inside of the armrest, which makes it easy for you to remove the bag when needed without it being possible to steal.

Premium airpad cushion

This amazing seat cushion, which fits all models, adds to the comfort of your Eloflex wheelchair. With the help of a smart air chamber, combined with viscoelastic foam and a valve, you can easily adjust the firmness of the pad. The air-filled single chamber canopy is regulated with a valve. To make it even softer, just releasing a bit of air from the chamber.

Eloflex Headrest

The headrest makes your Eloflex more personalized and useful, even for those requiring a little extra support for the head and neck. The headrest has great settings and can be adapted to each individual’s and needs, thanks to its clever mounting system. With a headrest on your Eloflex, you get an even more comfortable sitting and driving positions.

Eloflex Cover

Our cover bag is the perfect accessory for those who want to take extra good care of their chair during transport, when checking in on the flight or unloading the car. The bag is black and made of durable nylon fabric. You apply the bag over the chair when the chair is folded and attach it under the seat with Velcro. It comes with two handles.

Eloflex Attendant Control

Our attendant control feature consists of an arm and bracket that allows you to mount the joystick on the backrest of your Eloflex. With attendant control, those walking behind or beside can drive the power wheelchair with a joystick – an ideal and much appreciated feature for the elderly and for certain medical conditions.

Footrest extension

Do you have long legs? Then you can equip your Eloflex with an adjustable footrest extension. The footrest extension is an extra long attachment that replaces the regular bracket on your footrest and increases the distance between the cushion and the footplate. This is a practical solution for those with long legs as the sitting position becomes more correct and enables better posture, and will therefore be more comfortable.

Eloflex is a completely new concept. To understand how different it is, you really have to see or experience it for yourself. Since pictures say more than a thousand words, we’ve collected images of Eloflex models in action in our photo gallery.

Tested and approved

Quality and durability are important qualities for us at Eloflex. Therefore, we have let independent test institutes test and evaluate our folding electric wheelchairs and scooters. The result is clear, Eloflex has the highest quality and is approved regardless of the test.

Europe’s toughest test

Our electric wheelchairs and scooters have undergone the toughest test of all of them, the so-called EN12184, where the chair is allowed to confess color for 3 months. Among other things, the 200,000 cycles run in a so-called test drum, and then it drops in the floor 6666 times. In addition, brakes, stability, durability, fatigue, speed, electronics and much more are tested.

Eloflex is also approved by the Swedish Medicines Agency as a medical device, it is CE-approved, tested and approved according to ISO-7176 and IEC-60601 and the batteries are approved by UN38.

With a tested and approved electric vehicle from Eloflex you can feel calm. When you choose the original, you get proven high quality and high reliability.

Click here to watch the test video.

Watch the video from the independent test of Eloflex according to EN12184. 200,000 cycles in double drums correspond to five years of use.

Eloflex is more than a power wheelchair

Our vision at Eloflex is to improve people’s lives by giving them a greater sense of freedom, independence and mobility. We are driven by a deep desire and passion to create high-quality products and open up new possibilities for an active and joyful lifestyle – on your terms.

We know wheelchairs

TiArrow, the Swedish-based company behind Eloflex, has built up a global reputation for developing the world’s lightest manual wheelchairs since 2002. Over 17-years’ experience of wheelchair production gives us unique advantages when it comes to developing our power wheelchair range. We have extensive knowledge and experience relating to handling, seat ergonomics, choice of materials and manufacturing methods for advanced, high-end wheelchairs. All of this knowledge is now built into our Eloflex models.

From the start, our goal has been to make high-quality wheelchairs that combine exceptionally light weight with outstanding seating ergonomics and excellent handling. We have many years of experience of manufacturing using high-tech materials such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum.

It was a natural move to apply the same exacting standards to our power wheelchairs. Clearly, smart lightweight materials, compact design, seat ergonomics and handling are just as vital here. Notably, it was the innovative engineering and use of high-tech materials that resulted in Eloflex’s compact, foldable design – one of its many benefits.

Eloflex is a young company, operated and developed by dedicated and driven people who are passionate about what they do. Our guiding principle is “freedom for all”, and our vision is for more people with walking challenges to lead independent, fulfilling and joyful lives. Since autumn 2018, Eloflex has been included in the Teqnion group of companies, a Swedish industrial trade group.

A smart power wheelchair for all occasions

Contact us any time

At Eloflex, we always have time for a call, a meeting or just to answer a question. We are inspired by meeting and interacting with our users. After all, it is your experiences that enable us to grow, develop and make better products. You are warmly welcome to contact us today.

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